How It works

Buying second hand furniture has never been so easy!
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1. Choose your item and Submit a purchase request

Browse our unique marketplace of gently used, hand picked furniture. Choose the item that you like, select if you want to collect the item yourself or have it delivered and submit a purchase request.

2. We’ll reserve your item

We’ll reserve the item for you, while we contact the seller to confirm the item is still available for sale. If the seller declines or does not respond within 48 hours, no charge is made.

3. Collect Your Item or Have It Delivered

Once the seller has confirmed the item is available, if you’ve chosen to collect the item yourself, we’ll provide you with the seller’s pickup details. If you’ve chosen for it to be delivered, we’ll get back to you with a delivery quote.

4. we'll charge you for the item

Only after we’ve confirmed with the seller that the item is still available and you’ve agreed to the delivery quote(in cases of delivery) you will be charged.

5. Yoozzed Buyer Protection

If your item is significantly not as described in the listing and has damages that were not mentioned, we will offer you a full refund, including delivery. You must contact us within 24 hours post pickup / delivery.


9 reasons why you should buy gently used furniture with Yoozzed:

1. Saves You Time

No more wasting time searching the classifieds trying to find good quality furniture. No more calling strangers and visiting their homes.

2. Saves You Money

Buy gently used, great quality furniture and save up to 90% compared to buying new furniture.

3. Only the Best Quality

All our furniture is carefully hand picked. We only accept stylish pieces that are in good condition.

4. Great Customer Service

We’ll do all the arrangements with the seller and delivery company.

5. Great Furniture Variety

Since this is a marketplace there is a wide range and variety of furniture to choose from. Including multiple different brands.


You can buy all the furniture pieces safely and securely online directly from our website by credit card. We are using encrypted SSL connection for all transactions.


Don't get lost in the listings. Search conveniently by using filters like color, brand, material and more!


If your item is not as described in the listing or has any hidden damages you'll be able to return it up to 24 hours post delivery free of charge.


For you, the buyer, our services are completely free of charge!